Soulopreneur Webspace Starter Services

Soulopreneur Webspace Starter Pack

Starting your own business is already overwhelming. There are so many elements.

Creating your website. Branding and design. Content creation and scheduling. Email lists and newsletters.
Social media presence and visibility. Authenticity and audience building. Landing pages. How does one do it all?!

I know how you feel. Overwhelmed, stressed out, and ready for a long nap.


What if I told you I could help you with all of this?

That's right. I'm offering a series of workshops.

I'll teach you how to set up your Squarespace, how to stand out and build your online presence and audience, how to use Canva for your graphics and content, how to create valuable content that people will want to read, and how to use social media in a way that works.

Each workshop will be you, me, and 10 other people with 2 hours of training and 30 minutes for Q&A.
They will be recorded and sent to you for future use and reference, so don't worry if you miss something, you can always go back and watch it again.

** You don't have to take all the workshops, but it's definitely recommended.

Part 1: Squarespace Set-Up

In this workshop, we'll be going over...

  1. An introduction of Squarespace
  2. Why I use Squarespace and the benefits (**not an affiliate)
  3. Setting up your Squarespace account
  4. Choosing a Squarespace theme that works for you and your niche
  5. Creating your homepage,  about me, blog, shop, and any other pages you might need
  6. Utilizing your blog sidebar for maximum visibility and impact
  7. Adding images, headers, body text, links, etc.

Part 2: Branding & Storytelling

In this workshop, we'll be going over...

  1. Your why - Your vision, message, story, and purpose
  2. The importance of storytelling and how it relates to your business and branding
  3. Your branding and storytelling - your vision, voice, and visuals
  4. Creating a mood board using Pinterest and Canva
  5. Copywriting your about me page for you and your business
  6. How to authentically connect with your community i.e. putting your personality into your business
  7. The importance of consistency across all platforms

Part 3: Content Creation

In this workshop, we'll be going over...

  1. How to narrow down your topics of interest
  2. Using Evernote for your ideas and writing
  3. The basics of blogging and website copy
  4. Setting up an editorial calendar for your blog
  5. Planning a month's worth of content in advance
  6. Creating your first freebie opt-in
  7. What to do when resistance comes up (because it will)

Part 4: Working With Canva

In this workshop, we'll be going over...

  1. The basics of Canva: Account set-up, organization, and functionality
  2. How to create graphics for your website and blog, FB page, FB groups, Instagram, and Pinterest
  3. How to design an ebook, coursebook, checklist, printable, PDF, etc.
  4. How to maximize your use of Canva

Part 5: Building a Community

In this workshop, we'll be going over...

  1. The importance of being authentic, consistent, and available
  2. How to provide value for your community and why it matters
  3. Email list: How to set up your email list and newsletters
  4. FB groups: How they've helped me and how to build one
  5. Instagram: How to grow organically and become visible
  6. Collaborations: How to work with others

Part 6: Mind, Body, Heart, & Soul

In this workshop, we'll be going over...

  1. The importance of self-love and self-care
  2. Creating an effective self-care toolkit for you
  3. Giving yourself the permission and freedom to be imperfect and impactful
  4. Prioritizing your time and setting up systems - give your mind a break
  5. How to go on when you feel like giving up (trust me, this is going to happen)
  6. The "why" of your business (this is covered in part 2, but it's important enough to talk about twice)

Who am I?

Hi there! I'm Molly, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wholehearted Woman, a community with an online publication and magazine featuring women and their stories. (Wholehearted Woman be launching in January 2017.)

I am a firm believer in making your dreams a reality and sharing your story with the world, and I believe that you're here because you have dreams and a story to tell.

But it can be scary, right? Making your dreams a reality.

That's why I created this "Soulopreneur Webspace Starter Pack" for you, because the idea of starting a business is scary enough. But once you get into it, you realize that there are all these other things that no one warned you about.

And all the techy stuff? What if you're not a techy person? Trust me, I get how overwhelming and frustrating it can all be. I also know how tempting it is to take five long naps just thinking about it, one nap right after another. But what if there was someone to help you through it all?

That's where I come in. I want to help you through it and to show you it's not as scary as it all seems. Not only with the techy part, but also with the soul and heart part. Because that's why you're in this business, right? To make a difference? To use your voice in the world? To make an impact?

I believe in you. I believe in your story, and I believe in the value you bring to the world. So let's do this, together.

Q & A

Why did you price your workshops $35?

The original price of each individual workshop was $25, but I recently learned about what is happening in Aleppo, so $10 of your payment will be donated to charities that are helping Syrian people.

I am offering a package deal price (all 6 workshops) for $190, which means you save $20 and $60 will go to charity.


Can I opt-out of the donation and just pay $25?

A big part of my philosophy is helping others and spreading awareness. This series is called "Soulopreneur Webspace Starter Pack" because it's for people who want to build their businesses from the ground up with soulful intention intentions. By taking a workshop with me, you are not supporting me in my business, but also supporting a cause and helping those that are less fortunate. So my answer to this question will have to be no.


What if I am unsatisfied with the workshop(s)?

Unfortunately, I will not be offering refunds for my workshops. So please do read the workshop description before signing up. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, please do send them over my way at


What if I can't attend your workshop at the times available?

I will be offering these workshops again at a later time. However, the prices may go up at a later date.

If you are interested taking my workshops now, I will be recording them and you can purchase individual workshops at $25 ($10 off since I offer a Q&A at the end of each workshop and you won't be able to submit your own questions). And yes, $10 of your payment will still be donated to a charity.


There's something I want to go over that isn't listed in your workshop description.

Send me an email at and let's see if we can add it onto the workshop schedule. :)


Any other comments, questions, or concerns?

Feel free to email me at Please allow 72 hours for a reply.