Branding & content designer,
social media manager, and lifestyle blogger. 

Hey there! I'm Molly, and I help women embrace their journey and share their heart with the world by sharing my own journey daily on Instagram and things I've learned along the way on the blog. Because community is created through storytelling, vulnerability, and impact. 

My mantra is be the voice you want to hear in the world. 

The change starts with you. 

Additionally, I offer branding, content, and design services. 

Whether you're a coach, consultant, blogger, photographer, lawyer, real estate agent, or even a hobbyist, I believe in having a brand. 

A brand tells people who you are, what you believe in, why they should buy from you (as opposed to someone else), and what they can expect from you. Your branding tells a story.

Your story, your voice, your unique perspective on the world, your aesthetics and style. All of that goes into a brand - and more. 

I help people and businesses bring their ideas and vision to life - something that can be seen, felt, and loved.

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1 | Wholehearted Woman 

Wholehearted Woman is a lifestyle brand, created to help women like you become and feel more whole. 

Because we aren't just one part of ourselves; we are whole people.

Mind, body, soul, and all. With whole personalities, stories, and hearts. 

My philosophy

It's about embracing the messy middle, the non-highlight reels you don't wanna show people on Instagram, the times when things feel like they're falling apart (only so they can fall together more beautifully). It's about creating your own opportunities in this world, instead of waiting for them to come to you.

For you to love yourself, instead of waiting for someone else to love you. 

Essentially, Wholehearted Woman is more about the philosophy and journey - and less about a niche. 

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2 | Wholehearted Creative 

Growing up, I was always a creative soul. At first, it was drawing and playing around with colors. And then it was creating my own Myspace layouts back when that was a thing. In high school, it was photography and ceramics. After that, my obsession became Adobe Creative Suite, Squarespace, and layout design. 

And now? It's helping you develop your brand and bringing that beauty to life. 

My philosophy on branding

We are all our personal brand. From the fonts and colors we use to the words that come out of our mouths. Your personality, your experience, your unique outlook on your industry. That's all branding. 

It's what you bring to the table, in only the way you can. 

Wholehearted Woman is all about helping women embrace who and where they are in their journey, while working towards something greater, because I believe you can do both. It's about the willingness to be vulnerable and share your heart. It's about not giving up, but taking a break when you need it. It's about becoming the woman you want to be, without asking for anyone else's permission. 

Your brand tells a story, so what story are you telling? 

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Or send me a message at molly@wholeheartedwoman.org.

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