Do You Believe In Yourself? The Most Valuable Breakthrough Moment I Had In 2017

   Photo Source:   Toa Heftiba

Photo Source: Toa Heftiba

You hear it ALLLL THE TIME.

"You have to believe in yourself, because no one else will." 

And it's true. You do have to believe in yourself.

It's a lesson I've had to learn over and over again in 2017. (To be totally honest with you, learning this lesson has not been that fun.)

But when I went to Europe last month, I finally got it. Something in me finally clicked. 


The moment of clarity + getting what you want.

If you know me, you know I'm a huge fan of Gary Vee because he preaches patience and doing the work. Y'know, what are you doing the 16 hours you're awake?

And my favorite part: he puts his keynotes and Q&A's up on his YouTube channel free for you to watch. I've actually listened to a lot of 2 hour + videos when I'm doing less mental energy consuming work.


When you travel, it's like you're a different person.

Because you're outside of your usual routine. You see and do things differently than if you were back home. And as a result, you start to see what's possible.

So when I was in Europe, I started seeing what else was possible. 

Plus when you add in all the podcasts I was listening to, it's hard to not have a breakthrough.


Why do some succeed while others don't?

Because they believed in themselves and kept going even when they failed.

And they didn't let anyone or anything stop them in the process of getting what they want. 

Not other people's opinions.

Not imposter syndrome.

Not their fear, because let's face it - we all have fears.

Not all the times they've made a mistake, because making mistakes is inevitable and part of the process.

They kept going because they believed in themselves. They believed in their vision. They knew where they were going and they believed in the path that they were on.


Giving up was not an option for them.

They didn't give themselves the option to fail, so the only other option available was to keep going. Keep doing, keep learning, and keep getting better at it.


   Photo Source:   Toa Heftiba

Photo Source: Toa Heftiba

You need to believe in yourself + where you're going. Don't give yourself the option to give up.

On the plane rides to and from Europe, I was listening to a podcast called Shopify Masters where people shared their journey and story. A common theme I heard was, "If I had known all the things I know now, I might have not done x, y, and z." 

Because we've conditioned ourselves to think "Oh, this is possible or this isn't possible."

But what if it were possible?

Because it is. But you have to believe in it. 

You have to believe in yourself so much that you're willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone over and over and over again and be willing to fail and make mistakes because you believe in your vision that much. 

We've been conditioned to limit ourselves and stay small, but what if you were capable of so much more? 

And that's what my breakthrough was.

Realizing I had so much more potential than I was allowing myself to use and that I wasn't fully committed to my dreams yet.

I was committed, but let's be honest, I wasn't fully committed because I wasn't fully convinced. I mean, who was I to do this thing when people are living paycheck to paycheck and working in call centers where people just yelled at them all day? Who was I to live at home in my twenties so I could save on paying rent while attempting to build my own business? 

But then I realized... if I don't fully commit myself to it, then it's not going to happen. 

It's not going to become a reality, and that's going to be on me.

Whether I limit myself or FULLY go all in, it's still my decision. 

You can continue playing small and worry about what other people might think, OR you can 100% believe in yourself and stop doubting yourself and do the work that's going to take you there. 

But no one can make that decision or do the work for you.

Trust me on that last one. 

Even if other people believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself, it's NOT going to happen. Because you're going to listen to your doubt and fears at every corner - and it is going to exhaust you or drive you insane. Whichever comes first, or maybe they'll both happen at the same time.


If you keep treating yourself like you're small, you will continue acting small.

Stop being small. You are capable of so much more. 


I'd love to hear from you.

Do you believe in yourself? Are you 100% committed to where you're going?