Site & Blog Audit

How will this help you and your business? 

When it comes to having a business or even running a blog, it's not just about writing some words and putting it on a page anymore. 

You have to think about ... how you're going to get people onto that page, how to keep people engaged and come back for more, how to get them on your email list, how to manage your time and energy levels, amongst many other things. 

This audit was designed for you if...

  • You feel like you're all over the place and need some guidance. 
  • You've been at it for a while now and you're not seeing the results you want. 
  • You know you can make improvements, but you don't know what exactly you need to change. 
  • You're a one woman show and it's time to start focusing the things that are actually important. 
  • You need some honest and intentional feedback on how to improve and get better. 

What's included: 

  • A detailed report on your site design, functionality, content, social, and visibility.
  • Unlimited email support for 1 week.

What do I know? 

Wholehearted Woman is a one woman show. I do all the content creating, branding and design work, marketing and brand awareness, sending out emails, etc. Over time, I've learned what works, what doesn't work, and how to focus on things that actually matter and are going to move the needle. 

It's time to stop running around like a headless chicken. I get it; you want to be everywhere doing all the things, but it's not working. 

Every month, my email list, social, and traffic have grown consistently over time. You can check out my stats here. 

Hi there! I'm Molly.


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