molly, founder + editor-in-chief of wholehearted woman

Hi there, I'm Molly!

A multi-passionate creative with big dreams and even bigger fears.

Growing up, I have always wanted to do two major things with my life: make art and help people. Along the way, depression found its way to me and I found myself not being able to get out of bed or function like a "normal human being" (is there such a thing?).

For years, I didn't tell anyone or ask for help. I didn't know how and I didn't know if I could. I thought people would call me a liar and tell me that it wasn't real. So for a long time, I suffered in silence. Maybe that's where my passion for wanting to be so honest and open about life comes from. I don't want to live a life where I have to pretend to be okay all the time; I've learned that when you block out pain, you block out happiness too.

We've been taught and conditioned to live in fear and to pretend like everything in our life is going well 100% of the time, but there is beauty and peace in being honest and real.

I created Wholehearted Woman for a place for women to be honest with their voices, to be kind to one another, and to grow. It's a place for healing, forgiveness, and love to take place. A place where women can feel like they can be themselves, wholeheartedly.

My goal is to create and provide an intentional and loving space for you. It is not always about the destination, but the journey along the way and the people with us on our journey.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I can't wait to get to know you more as we go on.